Counselling For Couples

Counselling for Couples is available with Kathy in Fulbourn.

Our relationships are a major part of our lives. When our relationships fail to thrive, then as individuals, we struggle. Just as every individual is unique, so is every relationship. 

I provide a safe and confidential space for couples, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation , to come together to explore any difficulties which they may be experiencing in their relationship.

In my work with couples I endeavour to get a clear understanding of each partner and to clarify the experience of each within the relationship.  I will consider each partner's style of relating through the lens of John Bolwlby's attachment theory and therafter employ the principles of a model known as Emotionally Focussed Couple Therapy (EFT), formulated in the 1980's by Sue Johnson & Les Greenberg.  The model enables a relatively structured, but nonetheless very personal, approach to the process of couple therapy and it's efficacy is well supported by a substantial body of research.  Typically, couples will requre between 8 and 20 sessions.  Together, we will identlfy the patterns of relating that become entrenched over time, then we will unravel and understand the often hidden rationality that lies behind apparently irrational or destructive responses. The ultimate goal of the therapeutic process is to create a secure bond between partners, it is a journey from isolation to connectedness.

Couples come for counselling for many reasons; they may be looking for ways to rediscover, repair or rekindle their relationship or they may be looking for a means to separate as amicably as possible. For some, it will be considered the last hope in saving the relationship. 

If you would like further information about couple counselling or if you would like to make an appointment then please contact me by phone: 01223 709424 or email me.